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"You look... familiar..." She said looking at deadpool.

"They call me… The Doctor. You may have seen me on TV - Thurdays afternoons every week during air time."

Peter introduced Wade to Gwen only once. And in that one meeting, Wade somehow managed to leave Gwen with the impression that he’s just a harmless crackpot. It drives Peter crazy, because he knows that while the merc is definitely a crackpot, harmless is not a word ever used to describe him.
» The fuck? | i-am-deadpool


He had no idea, why he was still here. But to be honest, punching Wade had been a real pleasure.

A grin was on his face as he watched the other’s discomfort. Such a beautiful face to slap. Perfect, even.

His turn?
Belial didn’t understand what Wade meant, but a second later he found out.

His head snapped to the side, jaw thrown to the side and possibly breaking. Wade wasn’t an amateur.
And Belial wasn’t a fan of ducking away. He wasn’t scared to be hurt, he wasn’t going to back down from anything.


With a nasty cracking sound Belial pushed his jaw back in place. 
Even though he wasn’t really that keen on fighting Wade, he wouldn’t let him get away with this shit.

As he stared at the other, his eyes turned from human to demonic, changing color to red.
"I don’t think you should be allowed to keep that face."

Again his fist came flying at Wade’s face, this time aiming for his jaw. It would be quite fun to see it fly off.

Wade watched Beli’s reaction with a grin, adrenaline pulsing through his veins and a giddy excitement thrumming through his muscles. He didn’t put much thought to the sound of Belial’s jaw being shoved back into place - it was a relatively commonplace as far as sounds go in Wade’s life.

What he did pay attention to was the sudden shift in colour in the other man’s eyes. He stared, body going still for a moment as his own eyes narrowed.

"What the -? Holy shit, I knocked your eyes a different colo-" his sentence was cut short by a sentence followed by a punch that sent his jaw flying loose and his ears to ringing. 

His eyes clouded over with white followed shortly by black before his vision returned to normal and he noticed that his body had thudded to the floor in the brief moment of disorientation that followed a blow like that.

Laughing past his unhinged jaw, Wade popped back up to his feet and fisted his hand beneath the jaw bone and tried to push it back into place. However, the bone just fell back down after he removed his hand and, shrugging, he let it hang.

" ‘ice," he complimented, his jaw unable to meet and form the ‘n’ of the word. " ‘ry ‘is!"

Lunghing forwards, he grabbed a fist full of Belial’s hair and slammed the palm of his hand into his nose.

» The fuck? | i-am-deadpool


He just stared, not exactly sure what he was supposed to do. People like that really confused Belial. 


But he wasn’t going to let an opportunity like that pass. So instead of telling the guy it was alright, Belial aimed his fist at Wade’s face.
Not exactly a soft punch either, he was pretty sure the guy could take it.

The blow glanced across the side of his face and snapped his neck back with a loud, popping crunch of bone and tendon grinding and creaking in protest. 

"Whoo!" he let out a shout of exhilaration, his hand coming up to grip at his jaw and wiggle it around a bit. "You really know how to slap the sexy off a guy." It was a compliment, delivered with a grin that made his rapidly bruising jaw ache in protest.

His grin grew and a manic gleam entered his eye. “Your turn!” he shouted, twisting his body around and throwing all of his weight behind a backhanded hit.



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[text]: Those bedroom eyes have done me in.

[text]: Help.


"No…not Lucifer. Of course not Lucifer." He laughs a bit, "I’m referring to my brother Gabriel." he corrects, trying to cool Wade’s anger a bit. A blush formed on his cheeks at the other’s question though, "All of that except for getting drunk….it takes A LOT for me to get drunk."

Wade’s eyes went wide and a slow, sly grin of dawning comprehension crossed over his face. He wiggled his eyebrows and cocked his head to the side - the picture of smug lewdness. 

"So," he began, all casual nonchalance, "angels like the good stuff, huh? The ol’ slippery fun time? The dude’s dirty pleasure? The wet and wild touch time?"

His grin grew to almost painful proportions and he pushed the plate aside, manoeuvring his body until he was side by side with Amdusias. Finally, he slipped an arm around the angel’s shoulders and leaned in until his face - lecherous grin and all - was a scant five inches from Amdy’s. 

"You know, I won’t mind. Since I’m crashin’ your pad and all. You could do it while I’m here. I can’t promise I won’t listen in, but I’m only human, you know."

A long pause followed his words wherein he did little but continue grinning at Amdusias. “So, how about it? Want to… take a shower?”


"No..that’s not what I-" he sighs and shakes his head, letting it slide before offering Wade a small smile, "No, we don’t need to eat, but one of my brothers really likes sweets and when I was younger I learned to make sweet things, like cakes and stuff. I enjoyed cooking so much that when I got here, on Earth, I learned to cook other things as well. Just because we don’t have to eat, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy food."

The word caused Wade pause.

"Not the dick brother, right? A different one?" For some reason, the idea of Amdy having once loved a brother that tortured him so much that he’d learned to cook human food for him made Wade angry. 

"Hey, if you can enjoy food, does that mean you like other human stuff too? Like a massage or showering or getting drunk or anal?"

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It wasn’t really. Anyone could feel love. It was actually more of a human thing, but he couldn’t bring himself to tell the other yet so he settles on a small smile, “Yeah, I guess you could say that.” he says before standing again and making up the rest of the batter.

"Angels lick each other? Awesome! I once met a talking duck that pooped on people to say goodbye. Or maybe that was Hawkeye…" As he pondered this, he chewed on another bite of pancake, the food settling into his stomach and gradually filling it to a comfortable level. "Hey, where did you learn to make food this good? Angels don’t eat, do they?"