Doorknobs don't kill people. I KILL PEOPLE.


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come touch him. he likes it.


deadpool’s significant other pranking him by pulling out a positive pregnancy test and going “wade, I’m pregnant” and he looks really excited and pulls out a positive pregnancy test and goes “no way me too!” and the s.o is just like “?????”

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"This is toooootaallly going on my Tumblr."

—Lady Deadpool in Marvel Heroes after defeating The Kingpin (via starkindustriesamm)

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Frankie Perez

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O p e n



"Why would I waste my time with such frivolous actions?" She sighs and closes the knife she was cleaning before placing it back in her pocket.

"Because I need tacos and every one needs paper things?"


[ preens at that gleeful little sound Wade made ]

       [ doesn’t even bat an eye at the impossible costume change ]

"What say you and I have a little fun?


         I’m thinking something involving explosions and excessive violence.”

    [ ooooh, we like him so much ]

"You know just the words to woo me.

                                        Can I bring my pineapples?”


Wade Wilson is NOT crazy. Are you going to eat that chimichanga?🔫💣🔪💰 #IAMDEADPOOL #Halloween #hatersgonnahate (at Tijuana’s Tacos)

This wound up in our tag and we approve too much not to reblog it

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yo lil mama lemme inquire in yo ear: Expand ur dong

"I… I don’t know how…"