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come touch him. he likes it.


    “Do I know you from somewhere?”

     ”I didn’t try to kill you yesterday, did I? Because showin’ up here alive is just rude. I did my best, you don’t have to rub it in. Unless you want to rub it in

         r e a l slow.”

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Creamy Pie XD

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This guy was obviously psycho. What kind of drugs was he on? No wonder Robin sent her here. Although she wished that she’d have more patience. 

"The guests probably got fed up and left. They probably didn’t even care for the cake. They came for-," She got a whiff of alcohol that sprang up from the couch. "Drinks and left."


Raven controlling her anger, like how she’d do it with Beast Boy. Her breathing slowed down and she turned her body to look at him. But as he yelped, she moved back on the couch, watching him pull out a knife from his ass. Making a little inside joke in her head, she smirked.

"Again, I’m Raven. I got sent here by my partner. You’re not supposed to be here Wade."

Her voice was a cold-hard rasp that didn’t have life. Wanting this to be a quick visit, she kept serious. 

Her violet eyes studied this young man. About in his late twenties, if correct, a loony that needs medication to help him, and needs to clean up. 

    He managed to get a good, long look at her for about three or four seconds before his eyes started to wander. First to her ear, where he studied dark hair curling neatly, then to the wall behind her head where a slice of pizza was stuck to the wall. His gaze trailed past the window - an uncovered, dirty pane that let it harsh light from outside - and alighted on a rather artistically arranged pile of beer ca     

     ”Wait,” he blurted out, eyes darting back to the pizza. It was slowly sliding down the wall, leaving a slimy streak of red grease in its wake. A rush of excitement came over him, washing through his veins clean and heady. “Peperoni races,” he breathed. A mad glint entered his eyes and he shushed Raven with a flippant hand. “Don’t talk, you’ll startle them.”

     A rush of movement later, he was across the room and crouched in front of the pizza slice, transfixed.


            You’re slightly repulsing. 


  “Yeah, I get that a lot.”

     ”What is it? Is it the smell? Because I can take care of that…”


                                       …… dude. 


    “I don’t know, man, I mean… if you asked really nice? But… can we get something to eat first?”


An indignant screech left Sable as he squirmed again, talons still scrabbling before he seemed to give up, mismatched eyes blinking and wings relaxed as Wade continued to cuddle him. The only thing to show his discomfort was the fur and feathered tail swishing in the air.

[“Wade, I need your help.”] he spoke before lifting a taloned foot and nudging the merc’s face slightly.

The end of Sable’s struggling marked a change in the mercenary’s demeanour, his cooing and nuzzling softening into a content smile with just his face pressed to Sable.

"Mm," he hummed, pulling back slightly to make eye contact with the creature. "Okay, whatever you need little buddy." 


Sable startled at the shriek, crouching on the bed before he was picked up. His wings flared and taloned feet scrabbled to find purchase before he found Wade nuzzling at his chest. A startled half screech left him and his wings puffed up as he tried to balance himself with being picked up. He wasn’t used to this form or being so affectionately met.

[“We need to focus. Wade, stop.”] he spoke mentally, almost in an annoyed way as a few feathers and scales flew into the air with his wingbeats and squirming. [“I can’t stay like this. I have work and jobs to do.”]

"Ooooh, look at your little puffy feathers getting all big when you’re grumpy," Wade crooned, rubbing his nose into Sable’s chest gently. "Who’s a big grumpy owl creature? You are! You are!”

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☐✟☐— “She’s married…. to a pirate..”


[ Touch my husband and I’ll rip your head off and stick if up your ass. ]

"Woooaaah there, grumpy pants, I don’t let people do that until our second date."

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