Sable blinked when his face was poked and he raised a taloned leg to grip at wade’s hand, wings ruffling slightly in his displeasure.

[“yes, that’s what I’ve been saying.”] he replied as he looked up at the man.

[“I think I know what happened. I need to go downtown for something, maybe it will help me turn back. I can’t do anything like this.”]

For some reason, the reality of what Sable was saying only truly connected when he felt the tight grip of a little birdy claw latch on to his finger.

"Woah," he mumbled, shaking the taloned leg slightly to watch how it moved. "Does this happen to you a lot? Like… are you really a bird? Or a dude? Which one?"


"Yes, I know. Wait! Are…Are you crying now?"


"No! There’s just something emotional and feathery in my eye…"


Mother Hugger. 




[text] Lucky for me. I mean this is such a mind blowing conversation.

[text] do you mean that literally?

[text] because everyone is going to be so grumpy with me if I unalive you

[text] tony?

[text] tony?

[text] uh oh


Never in my life have I wanted matching icons with someone so badly


[text] I don’t even want to know what sort of life you lead.

[text] Get the goat out of here.

[text] an awesome one

[text] uh. i can’t. i’m sort of tied up right now. well, tied down. 

[text] to a railroad

[text] in Finland

[text] lucky for you i can still text though! <3 


[text] You mean it’s /your/ ear from your head. Or someone’s ear that belongs to you?

[text] I don’t need a present from you.

[text] whichever one makes you more likely to give it to me

[text] no one NEEDS a present. but someone asked me what do you get the man who has everything and then it hit me

[text] a goat

[text] the goat literally hit me. really hard. out of a canon. it’s a long story.


[text] I am so done with you.

[text] Get it out of my yard or my dogs will get it.

[text] D:

[text] Beatrice is a PRESENT. She’s for you! Except the ear. That’s mine.


[text] I shouldn’t have asked.

[text] her name is Beatrice and she likes to bite people

[text] if she poops out an ear, can you let me know?